Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rhythm & Sound

Did you guys ever had this some sort of De Ja vu when listening to some rhythm in songs? Although I'm not really sure what that means or any medical symptoms regarding to this experience, I on the other hand feels like having one whenever this Sony 3D TV commercial is on air. I don't know why, but the intro of the theme song is really reminds me how old I am to the world, literally. It's really makes me feel I'm already been into this world so long and I start to flashback my memories. Hahaha.. sounds ghetto.

Here is the Sony 3D TV commercial clip.

The theme song of this commercial video is from The Morning Benders entitled "Excuses".

I'd downloaded this song and listen to it over and over again, it really helps me calm myself and start hypnotizing me to relax. Haha.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How's That PhD Helping You?

5 days to go for the closing ceremony of The Asean Games 2010 Guangzhou. I was amazed by the good performance from Liu Xiang of China on 110m hurdles heat. Final round will be held on Wednesday so yes I really do think he obviously going to win. China currently on the lead with 154 golds, leaving huge gap between second placer S.Korea with 56 golds. Malaysia currently in 10th, with 6 golds.

Ok, The Amazing Race 17 recap time. Study the conversations below to have the rough ideas of what's going on. Tune in the 9th Episode of The Amazing Race 17 to find out more. (I give a free promotion, you should thank me CBS). This week they're racing in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Chad : Nat, you should be able to get this easy! How's that PhD helping you?
        (on later interview, Nat explains "for the record, I have an MD. I do not have PhD)
Kat : I sense a little bit of the bitterness from the U-Turn, but you know it's a game
Chad : Big smart doctor, can't put a bicycle together!!
Nat : Hey Chad it wasn't personal, you're the only team behind us.
        (again in later interview, Nat continue explains "I felt like are we on the football field? or ..i mean.. are you about to tackle me? )
Chad: I'm just trying to do what I can do to get us ahead..and get somebody else a head.

Alright, there it is.

...and here is the first unfortunate team been U-Turned.

Second user of the Double U-Turn

..and the second unfortunate team been U-Turned
 And the innocent team for this week goes to......

Nick and Vicki.

9th Leg Result

1. Jill & Thomas
2. Nick & Vicki
3. Nat & Kat
4. Brook & Claire
5. Chad & Stephanie (eliminated)

Monday, November 15, 2010

St Petersburg to Muscat

The race continues from St Petersburg ,Russia to Muscat, Oman.

As always, my prediction is always on top. The team eliminated from the race this week on The Amazing Race 17 is father-daughter team, Gary & Mallory. The first team to arrive in the pit stop supposedly Jill & Thomas, but had 30 minutes penalty upon paying a taxi driver to lead them to the pit stop. Oh wow, never seen that one coming. Maybe TAR already change some rules. Coming in second, the newly engaged couple Chad & Stephanie (their status changed during this leg of the race when Chad purposed her to marry him ) but was announced as the first team and won the vacation package to Belize. Nice one. Third place goes to my ultimate favorite team the tattooed bartenders from Vegas, Nick & Vicki (spontaneously dumb and funny) and next the bubbly home shopping host Brook & Clair. Coming close to last place is the doctor Nat & Kat, and the last team to arrive is the sunshine Miss Mallory and her father Gary.

Next week the race will continue to Dahkha, Bangladesh, where new twist added -- The Double U-Turn. Chad & Stephanie are the team to beat.

Newly engaged won this leg of the race and won trip for two from Travelocity to Belize.
One single mistake made them dropped to Rank 2

 The tattooed couple is team no.3
4th Place and overexcited expression from Home Shopping Host

From 1st to second last, the doctors still in the game.
The 6th eliminated team

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reincarnation from The Past

I can say that I am an adrenaline junkie. I like extreme sports. I like to drive fast. I like to speed up with motorcycle. I love the sensation of falling from a high place (safely, off course). I love to compete with speed. I love to seek anything that makes me feel alive, anything about you people (most people) called dangerous stunt.

When I was a kid , I start to do silly ( for me, it is my entertainment) things. Despite being warned by parents and the elders, I never listened. Last time my brother owned a BMX bike. Very small bike for adults, but for my size that time, I say it was perfect for me. So it is my primary transportation to go between places around my neighborhood. I love bicycle so much, I  do lots of weird style while riding on it. One of my favorite style is making the bike on full speed, and step it up on the middle rod like surfing the waves in the ocean. God I miss that time.

I also had the ability to climb any kind of trees , except for coconut tree (no fun climbing on it). So I always spend my time relaxing on the lazy afternoon , at the very top of the 10 feet tree near my house. I fall from it twice without serious injury. No broken bones, no nothing.  I guess that tree love me as well  =)

Now that I grew up being adult, I somehow miss the old me. Freedom is very innocence back then. I don't have to worry about anything as I see the world all seems very cool and nice. That is why I miss being kids again. About the old BMX bike, well, lots of modifying experiments done and ended up being recycled. Since then, I no longer spend my time on bike. That's all happened during primary school era.  My family criticized my for being very dumb last time when I was in primary one. I can't read though, because I dislike books. After "no longer bike to be ride" incident, I was forced to study hard and if not, always been scold by my family members especially my aunties and elder siblings. Well, amazingly I moved from rank 11 to 1 on the final semester exam during primary 1, with the award of "the best student on maths". Miracle? I think not. Haha
But my teacher once told me that I am inconsistent type of person. I can be so good, yet can be so worst if I lost the focus. This happens a lot during high school though. I once got 3/100 on Additional Maths during form 5. Hahaha.

Well, I don't regret it though. I took it as a lesson. And now, I seek for more adventures. Looking forward to do lots of extreme sports. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gamble Gamble Gamble

As I  predicted, team Kevin & Michael is the next team been eliminated on The Amazing Race 17. I just knew it. Next leg however, my money is on Team Gary & Malory or Chad & Stephanie.

I gamble on "Holo" ( Sarawakian slang for Poker Table ) or "Katam-Katam" (Sabahan Version) and won big money tonight. Last time i played Holo in Kg.Sogo, Bau, Sarawak, the board seems small though, compare to Sabahan version. Similar concept, but more choices. And that means more opportunity to win.

"Tajau udang bos. Biru-biru hijau. Merah special "

The Board of Luck

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Amazing Race 17

From what I seen on TV, I think and 60% sure that this is the final result.

1. Nat & Kat  - They will be the first all female team to win the race

2. Jill & Thomas

3. Brook & Claire

4. Nick & Vicki (my 2nd favorite)

5. Chad & Stephanie 
  (updated 22/11/2010 : Officially eliminated)

6. Gary & Mallory
   (updated 15/11/2010 : Officially eliminated)

7. Michael & Kevin (my 1st favorite team will be eliminated soon)
  (updated 8/11/2010 : officially eliminated)

8. Katie & Rachel (seriously rude, and I'm glad they had been eliminated.)

9. Connor & Johnathan

10. Andie & Jenna

11. Ron & Tony

Monday, November 1, 2010

As We Go On

Well, what can I say? I miss my old good days of college life in Kuching. In my life of course there’s a bad moments at a time but I just don’t really focus on bad things, I am much more adore the good and fun moments and I’m pretty sure all of people tend to do so. Maybe it’s difficult for some people but for me that is the way I live. 

College life taught me valuable things in life. The way you talk to people, the way you think, the way you deal with certain situation and off course the way you learn managing your laundry (lol) and money too. And not only that, I also taught myself to be more liberal.

I’m still young and there’s a lot more to come. Here’s the truth. I feel the true meaning of freedom. You can do pretty much anything you want without causing any trouble but yourself. You can skip your revision, for example, but the grade is all about you. Nothing else. So when you failed, you failed. Straight forward. Hahhaa.

For some reason, I like that kind of situation, and I get to experience lot of other things, good one, for me. Hanging out with friends until sunrise? Done it hundred times. Not having proper meals? Every single week.  That’s more like it. I don’t care anyway, because eventually all this are going to be my history of life.

Now that I’m already finished my “Uitm Samarahan-era”, I think I kinda miss all these things. Hell ya I always remind myself about this anyway.