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The MCMF Chronicles - Journey of a Life Time (Part 2)

It's a brand new day. A fresh morning. Birds are singing. It is 6.30am in the morning. I should wake up now and get all things done. I need to go to work. As I start to open my eyes wide, I realized that I have resigned for the past few days. Oh dang, I forgot.  With just that snap, I quickly feeling drowsy and I just zonked and get back to sleep. I am again an unemployed graduate. But this time it is for a reason. I am waiting for the confirmation call from Scicom Academy that I had interview yesterday.

The day begin with my daily routine. I woke up, had a little coffee while surfing the internet, download some cool songs, play them out loud with my cool stereo system in my room, and start singing out loud. I sing like crazy. I pretend that I am Steven Tyler. Or James Durbin. But I am far far far away to sing like one of them. I am more like country singer than heavy metal. Just so you know, American Idol 10 winner is a 17 years old country singer from Garner North Carolina - Scotty McCreery.  

Somewhere around the afternoon I received a text  from MyPartners. I thought it was a confirmation text, but then I was wrong, the guy who wrote the text ask me a question which sounded like this :

"If you were given a chance, will you work at Kuala Lumpur after completing the 6 weeks program?"

I replied the text with

" I will consider the offer." I am not that stupid just to say yes in everything.

Around 6.00pm in the evening while I am in a " far far away land of Shrek " ( zzzz ) I feel some vibration in my pillow. I ignored it. It keep on going. It starts to vibrate even harder. I woke up, and search where is this strange feeling comes from. It was my mobile phone, and there's an incoming call, a number which I am not familiar with. I answered it of course, and it was the same voice that I received before, and he congratulates me for successfully advanced to the program. I yawned and thank him. Guess I need to prepare my things then. I begin to have lots of questions. Lots of questions that I didn't think it matter to myself. LOL

The next morning, at 6.50pm  I depart from my home. Destination -- Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Kampung A and B. This time I didn't get lost like yesterday. I am successfully reached the actual destination. There, I saw few strangers. I never had seen them anywhere around before. I noticed one girl which I saw yesterday who is a lot resemblance to my friend (Feni Belsha) and I noticed one guy who is like my uncle with that ripped figure (Clarence). I parked my car and slowly walk out. It was a very awkward feelings. Everybody is a stranger to me. Oh well. I didn't know them, so I walk a little bit far from where I parked and sit. Then there's another car who parked right in front of my right side. He's also look lost, strangers are everywhere. (A Samad).
From left : Clarence, Feni, A Samad (Sam)

Then after waiting for several minutes , I saw everybody walk down the hill. I joined them but I walk more slowly, trying to scan the whole new environment. Then someone call me.

"Ui. Ko pun join ni program ka?"
"Ya. Apa mau buat di sini ni aa?"
"Mau daftar kolej ba ni. Ko dari mana?"
"Penampang. Siapa nama ko?"
"Bobby. Tapi nama pura la. Ko?"
"Eamon. " (shake hand) "Ko siapa?"
"Rahmat. Panggil ja Achok"
"Oh. Saya rasa saya la paling muda sini ni. "
"Ko berapa umur? Sudah graduate ka? Ko orang UMS ka?"
"Sudah graduate baru ja bulan lalu. Bukan UMS, di UiTM Sarawak. Kamu sudah graduate?"
"Kami lama suda bos, last year lagi. Fresh habis kamu ni bos"

Then come one obvious dusun-look guy (Eddy)

"Ainah, ko pun ada sini juga?"
"Ya. Lama suda kamu sini?"
"Baru ja. Ui ni orang paling muda. Fresh habis. "
"Eamon" (Shake Hand)
"Eddy. Bila ko graduate? "
"Baru bulan lima tu hari. Ko sudah?"
"Belum lagi saya graduate ni, baru ja habis study".

From left : Alfian (Bobby), Rahmat (Achok) , Edirius (Eddy) and Saiful (Wan)

The conversation went on and on and on with some ice breaking question. Then Bobby ask me to join him together with his friend Achok to have our own "tour" to the room.
At first we were given a key to the room which is at the end of the first floor. The room's condition was pretty messy so we decided to change the room. It will takes time to clean up so we decided to just handle that later.  The second time we went to the Hostel Main Office we met Saiful Reduan. I didn't know him but both Bobby and Achok do. After Bobby obtained the new room's key we got back to the room and have a tour by our own.

Both of them are planning to move to the room by tomorrow or next week, I in the other hand still thinking whether I want to stay in the hostel or willing to drive everyday back and forth. My heart tells me I should stay. And I decide I will move there by Monday next week, since I haven't prepare anything yet.

Moving forward.

After we arrived in the class, the first thing we need to do is to count numbers 1 and 2, and group ourselves according to the number. I am in group 2, Bobby and Achok are in group 1. We were given two types of tests. Writing Test and Oral Test. So the Group 1 stay in the same room for the Oral Test, while the Group 2 need to go upstairs for some Writing Test. While sitting there waiting for the question paper, I spot one guy who seems familiar to me back in St.Michael Penampang.

"Eh, Ko dari St.Michael bah kan?"
"Ya. Eh ko pun kan?"
"Ya tapi time ko Form 2 sy Form 1 hehe"
"Oh. Patutlah macam pernah nampak. haha"


After I done the writing test, I leave the room and go the room downstairs to see what's they are up to now. Bobby and Achok are still waiting for they turn. Joining with them is Raieman who is also waiting for his turn. 

It's lunch time now and I go to the cafe and sit with How Chi Sun and one girl from Miri, Sarawak - Caroline Jau. I talk to her like she's an old friend. I clicked with her just like that.

How Chi Sun and Caroline


The day continues with our group's turn for the Oral Test, but before we begin the MyPartners crew have some important announcement that all of us need to hear. They gave each and everyone of us a set of Letters of Agreement about the program, which pops out a big confusion for me myself, that from what I understand from the previous briefing, "there will be no contract for us to sign in". Anyway, it's happening now and they ask us to read and sign them immediately by 5.00PM that day. Saiful Reduan was sitting next to me and complaints

"Aik? Elaun Fifteen atau Fifty ni?"
"Fifteen la"
"Ainah ari tu cakap Fifty per day. Cuba ko tanya dulu tu yang jalan-jalan tu"

"Kak, elaun fifteen ka fifty?"
"Fifteen, lime belas"

 Then she walks away and Saiful continues to mumbling by himself. 

"Ni kalo agreement begini panjang ni, mau baca betul-betul dulu ni, bawa pigi rumah dulu.. baca bagus-bagus."

And suddenly..

"Agreement tu you all kene hantar hari ni juge tau. Make sure you all ade tandetangan kecik every page ok. Sign je kat bawah setiap muke surat tu. Kepilkan skali dgn resume ngan gambar korang ok. And satu lagi, kite nak you all bagi dgn kite orang you all punye Bank Statement, boleh buat kat ATM Machine. Tau tak korang cemane nak buat?"

Enough about MyPartners , I don't want to give them any extra space on this blog post as they will lead to more interesting story which I will write about it soon.

Now it's time for the Oral Test. Immediately after Ms. Susan invites us who wants to be the first, Saiful stood up and walk in hurry to get the spot. He wants to go back earlier so he wants this to finish ASAP. I on the other hand trying to scan my surroundings to recognized other friendly faces that will be OK to chat with, while waiting. I change my position , and sit in the second line. There I met a girl with obvious local looks, Fazlyanna, and with her is Fenny Belsha and one very familiar looking for me and a very friendly girl, Charlene. The other girls I saw as I remember was Lydia and Fyona.

From left : Lydia, Fazlyanna (Fuzz) , Charlene, Fyona

It is now my turn to interview. I sit down and have no nervous at all because I don't get nervous when I talk. Ms Susan ask me about my self and I told her everything what she expects me to do. After that she told me one thing which I never will forget.

"You know what, you talk like those from American Idol"

I was like "huh ? " Then she laugh and we continue the conversation. It gets funny sometimes when suddenly she ask about my private life, what do I normally do in my life, what kind of dog's breed I have at home etc. 
Sometimes she chuckles and hold her self not to burst out laugh which kinda makes me wonder where exactly did I put any joke in my words. LOL

Anyway, as always the interview is done well and I am satisfied of it. I walk out to the door, get into my car left UMS and go back home. Tomorrow will be a brand new day as more people will be introduced.
Note : I did not know all the names back then. The name was confirmed after the "investigation" during the program.

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