Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Too Much Estrogen

So The Amazing Race 17 finale ended up made a history of having the first All-Female™ team to win the race. Congratulations to the doctors Kat & Nat and to the runner up Brook & Claire. Well as the fan of the show since 2001, all I can say that this season finale is literally made for the female. The roadblock is about decorating flowers.WTF HAHAA. Sooooo feminine.(the annoying fags says "awww") And less challenging, except for Thomas. Ok Kat & Nat won the $1 million bucks. Fullstop. 

Next time The Amazing Race 18 will premiered on 20 February 2011 and  was dubbed as "The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business", like the resurrection of the dead wanted to revenge. I hope they'll visit some of the spooky and scary places on earth, to prove that this is really a business needed to be done.
No more "First All Female" team to win the race this time. I hope Jet & Cord heat up the finale and win the title. (and of course the money).

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