Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Don't Really Care

First up, The Amazing Race 17 top three contenders revealed last Sunday as they racing in the border between South Korea and North Korea, and the last team eliminated from the race are Nick & Vicky. Bla bla bla, you can read the information about the race summary on wikipedia. The final three will be racing in Los Angeles, USA. This time around in finale, we about to witness whether the all female team (the doctors and the home shopping hosts) will prove the USA woman's capability to win the race after none of the previous female teams of SIXTEEN season, successfully grab the title. Dang, sixteen season? That's more likely since 2001.

Ok, enough said about the race. Let's talk the another meaning of the word "race". Yeah. Race. Literally means which "tribe" you belongs to. I hate it when it comes to certain groups of particular race in this "United-we-stand-Divided-we-fall" nation. Whether there is secretly hidden group layers in this community? Like I care. I don't really like when someone approach to me and say "Why are you not like me" (Religion matter). I don't wanna point out which "tribe" this scum belongs to, but WHY THE HELL you want me to answer your question? That's Racist. And I don't like having conversation about which is right, which is wrong, especially when it comes to religion, ESPECIALLY THE PERSON WHO ASK YOU ON THE FIRST PLACE CONVINCE HIMSELF THAT HE IS ACTUALLY ON THE RIGHT SIDE. 
Dude come on, I am not in your race, so I'm not bounded into your race's religion. Don't pour your gasoline or kerosene into the fire in me. 

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