Monday, November 15, 2010

St Petersburg to Muscat

The race continues from St Petersburg ,Russia to Muscat, Oman.

As always, my prediction is always on top. The team eliminated from the race this week on The Amazing Race 17 is father-daughter team, Gary & Mallory. The first team to arrive in the pit stop supposedly Jill & Thomas, but had 30 minutes penalty upon paying a taxi driver to lead them to the pit stop. Oh wow, never seen that one coming. Maybe TAR already change some rules. Coming in second, the newly engaged couple Chad & Stephanie (their status changed during this leg of the race when Chad purposed her to marry him ) but was announced as the first team and won the vacation package to Belize. Nice one. Third place goes to my ultimate favorite team the tattooed bartenders from Vegas, Nick & Vicki (spontaneously dumb and funny) and next the bubbly home shopping host Brook & Clair. Coming close to last place is the doctor Nat & Kat, and the last team to arrive is the sunshine Miss Mallory and her father Gary.

Next week the race will continue to Dahkha, Bangladesh, where new twist added -- The Double U-Turn. Chad & Stephanie are the team to beat.

Newly engaged won this leg of the race and won trip for two from Travelocity to Belize.
One single mistake made them dropped to Rank 2

 The tattooed couple is team no.3
4th Place and overexcited expression from Home Shopping Host

From 1st to second last, the doctors still in the game.
The 6th eliminated team

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