Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How's That PhD Helping You?

5 days to go for the closing ceremony of The Asean Games 2010 Guangzhou. I was amazed by the good performance from Liu Xiang of China on 110m hurdles heat. Final round will be held on Wednesday so yes I really do think he obviously going to win. China currently on the lead with 154 golds, leaving huge gap between second placer S.Korea with 56 golds. Malaysia currently in 10th, with 6 golds.

Ok, The Amazing Race 17 recap time. Study the conversations below to have the rough ideas of what's going on. Tune in the 9th Episode of The Amazing Race 17 to find out more. (I give a free promotion, you should thank me CBS). This week they're racing in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Chad : Nat, you should be able to get this easy! How's that PhD helping you?
        (on later interview, Nat explains "for the record, I have an MD. I do not have PhD)
Kat : I sense a little bit of the bitterness from the U-Turn, but you know it's a game
Chad : Big smart doctor, can't put a bicycle together!!
Nat : Hey Chad it wasn't personal, you're the only team behind us.
        (again in later interview, Nat continue explains "I felt like are we on the football field? or ..i mean.. are you about to tackle me? )
Chad: I'm just trying to do what I can do to get us ahead..and get somebody else a head.

Alright, there it is.

...and here is the first unfortunate team been U-Turned.

Second user of the Double U-Turn

..and the second unfortunate team been U-Turned
 And the innocent team for this week goes to......

Nick and Vicki.

9th Leg Result

1. Jill & Thomas
2. Nick & Vicki
3. Nat & Kat
4. Brook & Claire
5. Chad & Stephanie (eliminated)

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