Monday, November 1, 2010

As We Go On

Well, what can I say? I miss my old good days of college life in Kuching. In my life of course there’s a bad moments at a time but I just don’t really focus on bad things, I am much more adore the good and fun moments and I’m pretty sure all of people tend to do so. Maybe it’s difficult for some people but for me that is the way I live. 

College life taught me valuable things in life. The way you talk to people, the way you think, the way you deal with certain situation and off course the way you learn managing your laundry (lol) and money too. And not only that, I also taught myself to be more liberal.

I’m still young and there’s a lot more to come. Here’s the truth. I feel the true meaning of freedom. You can do pretty much anything you want without causing any trouble but yourself. You can skip your revision, for example, but the grade is all about you. Nothing else. So when you failed, you failed. Straight forward. Hahhaa.

For some reason, I like that kind of situation, and I get to experience lot of other things, good one, for me. Hanging out with friends until sunrise? Done it hundred times. Not having proper meals? Every single week.  That’s more like it. I don’t care anyway, because eventually all this are going to be my history of life.

Now that I’m already finished my “Uitm Samarahan-era”, I think I kinda miss all these things. Hell ya I always remind myself about this anyway.

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