Monday, October 18, 2010

The Amazing Race

One of my favorite show of all time. Why? One word, world. I love to travel. I love to be in new places and expose to different culture. And I found that Amazing Race is the show that bring the excitement to my table. I love having the adrenaline rush too, you know, the feeling when you need to do something quickly before others. Yeap. The original version is now already on their 17th season, while Asian version is running its 4th installment. I watch the show since it's premier on 2000, but only to consistently watch it from season 4 onwards, because they visited Kota Kinabalu, my hometown. Haha. Since then, I totally amazed on how they move from one country or continent to another, just like that -- like "Give me two tickets of the earlier flight to Hong Kong. Or more probably like  -- " I need two tickets, the fastest flight to Switzerland". Wow. Can you actually do that in your own life? I probably had to search flights of the cheapest one available. Haha, and it will be like two, three months before the departure. And they just do that like 20 minutes.
The second reason why I watch the show is because of the challenge they put into. I cannot say I enjoy every single task the show offered, but what I like is most of the task will be a unique one. It's like game that never been told. You can watch other sports like football, badminton, swimming or any Olympic events, but you already know the rules as it was already long been introduced to the world. The Amazing Race bring you the bungee jump ( I really like this one). Do you know the rules of bungee jumping? Or lee parkour. I watch all kind of sports to my interest, NBA to USA Soccer. And I also interested on the "sports" the Amazing Race offer.  The third reason, because of the contestant spontaneous unscripted conversations. Really like it very much. They curse, they do confessions and they gives motivation to one another. Never watch it before? If you love to travel, i recommend you to watch it.


JackScenes said...

i'm a lover of TAR too! i love the American version more. The latest season, i like to see Brook & Claire to win. :)

Eamon said...

Brook n Claire will advance to final three, among with Nat n Kat and Jill n Thomas. Though i like to see Nick n Vicki to win, but I think Nat n Kat probably will be the first all female team win the race.