Thursday, August 19, 2010

UFOs - Are they real?

UFO is the abbreviation of the term Unidentified Flying Objects that's refers to any object, which is flying and cannot be identified. This can be just about anything you can imagine, from planes seen at funny angles to secret experimental aircraft. It can also mean meteorites or planets such as Venus or Jupiter which can sometimes look like they are moving. There is an endless list of things which when seen by the untrained eye will not be readily identifiable.

Do I experienced any of these? Well YES of course I've even managed to see a few myself. I forgot the exact times but during year of 2000 somewhere between August and September, while reading Geography books at my backyard I did thought I saw something strange. The sky was totally blue at that time, so I wore sunglasses in order to illuminates some of tense lights from the sun. I was listening to Sabah VFM at that point while looking at the sky. The clouds are moving freely with the soft winds , totally making me feels fresh and relax. I was lying on a long wood chair and looking at the sky at that moment. And there is something up there makes me wonder what it is. It was , as far as I can remember, a gray object, not round in shape but I think it was like a cylinder, was statically floating there. I thought it was some sort of plane, but then the radio signal buzz off, and then the mysterious object suddenly disappeared. It was a strange event. I didn't understand what happened back then , it was so spontaneous. Then again I thought it just nothing, but now when I recap what happened on that day, I knew what I saw was a super rare experience. Is it UFO? I think so. Does the alien watching me back then? I have no idea.

Debunking some myths

There is no evidence for UFOs
Wrong, there is plenty of evidence. There are several hundred radar tracings, physical ground traces and tens of thousands of witnesses. There are several cases where people have received radiation burns from UFOs when they have been in close proximity and there are even some reported deaths.

UFOs are only seen by unreliable witnesses or cranks
This is just a myth which betrays ignorance in some people who should know better. There are UFO reports from not just members of the public but also commercial & military pilots, members of the police, astronomers and many other reliable or trained witnesses.

The American government gave up investigating this subject in 1969
There are some 30,000 documents released under the American freedom of information act that show that this is not the case. Despite denials they still study this subject.

Most UFO pictures are fakes
Some certainly are but investigators are keen to find and remove them, often going to great lengths to do so. The question is usually "What is this?" not "Is this Alien?".

Science has better things to study
Like what? Science is there to solve mysteries - not to make judgements, perhaps it could get off it's backside it could solve the mystery but at this moment it can't be bothered. Science has, in this case failed us.

No official has ever admitted UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin.
I found this rather surprising myself but actually a whole string of American and sometimes British officials
have said exactly that.  By officials I mean the heads of the British and American air forces during the second world war and others of equal high standing.  The best of course are the American and Russian Presidents who also stated the above.

The Governments know whats going on and they cover it up.
Yes and No. I do think there are some people, especially those involved in Air defense who know more about whats flying about out there than the rest of us, it is after all, their job. I could imagine that if you knew the capabilities of all your aircraft (including experimental and secret aircraft) and you knew what other countries had, then you could compare their capabilities and if something else was showing up significantly better then what we had you could conclude that they weren't local. If your job is to defend the skies you might not like to admit that there is something about which you can't do anything about.
If there is a cover up that's probably pretty much it. Some countries are happy to say there are things which they can't identify in their skies. It seems to be a British and American thing not to admit such things. When there was a number of sightings in 1994 in the UK it wasn't exactly big news. However when the same thing happened in Belgium 3 years before their reaction was to hold a press conference.

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