Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I played a lot of video games. I usually play games on proper console, not on PC. So basically I don't prefer online/network sharing games. I play games on Playstation I & II, Gameboy Color & Advance and Playstation Portable. So here are the top games of my life.

POKEMON!!! Hehehe. I play this game since primary school on various version, cards to video games. I finished play all of it's version (Generation I - Yellow, Blue, Red   Generation II - Gold , Silver, Generation III - Ruby , Sapphire, Generation IV Diamond , Pearl) And I heard they will launch the upcoming Generation V - Black , White.  Looking foward to experience the whole new world of Pokemon. Hehe. The objective is simple and fun. Raise your captured Pokemon and defeat Gym Leaders, The Villains , and lots of other trainers. The fun? Watch your pokemon evolve and grow up with various moves/technique.                                                                                                  

DIGIMON RUMBLE ARENA. I play both version, Rumble Arena I and II. The first one is on PSOne, and the second on is on PS II. There's no major storyline to be play, just fight against each other. I like the characters, since I do grew up watching this anime.

GRAND THEFT AUTO. The world of freedom. I play GTAIII and Vice City on my PC, though I own it's DVD for PSII, while for GTA Liberty City , I play it on PSP. This game so great, I swear! You can shoot the pedastrian and walk away like nothing to be sorry. Hit and run, kill the police, have sex with woman (well this one you need some technique, and it's only virtual) steal someone's cars just like that. Aaarrhhh.. the missions are so great, some of them are hard but worth to try. I finished play all of the mention version of GTA above.

NARUTO : ULTIMATE NINJA SERIES. All version is on PS II and done played. I started play the game from Narutimate Hero II, proceed by Narutimate Hero III and continued by Naruto Accel I and II. Looking foward to play Naruto Accel III which available only on PSP. I'm totally pro at this game so don't think you can win so easily. I can guarantee, you'll lose. Hehe.

SUPER MARIO!!!! The legendary game. Hahaha. There's lots of version available and multicross platform. It's available on SNES, GameBoy, and PC. I heard you can play it on PSP too but I haven't tried yet. So, i guess you did play this game before didn't you? I bet you'll say YES!


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