Thursday, July 15, 2010


Arrggghhh... so tired aaa.....this few days got gotong royong (i dont know what is that in english) with Telekom. They will move soon to the SKDL Tg.Aru (Sistem Kabel Dasar Laut) before the end of this year. Only IT Department will move in the month of August, the rest will be somewhere between September until December.. but I will not be involve in this as this coming October I'll finish my practical training. And I just can't wait for that. Urhhh, I had terrible condition on waking up early in the morning as I had get to use (my body clock) only to wake up after 8 am, or 10 minutes before that.

Next week will be my third week as a practical student under Telekom Malaysia, and I am going to attend Broadband Restoration Course which will be held in here.
Also next week almost all of the staff will be working outstation in Tawau.


and i am to tired to press the keyboard already..zzz



++ HaeZa HaeZa ++ said...

Mon , boring kan practical?hii

Eamon said...

X la boring... penat saja.. this week banyak event..