Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup 2010 featuring Paul The Octopus and Mani The Parakeet

Jarque tribute, Paul the popular
After he scored, Iniesta took off his shirt to reveal a T-shirt paying tribute to Dani Jarque, the Espanyol player who died after a heart attack in August. The T-shirt read 'Dani Jarque is always with us'.

"I wanted to carry Dani Jarque with me and with my other team-mates," Iniesta explained. "We wanted to feel his strength. We wanted to pay tribute to him in the world of football, and this was the best opportunity to do so."
Spain's triumph had been predicted by Paul, the psychic German octopus, and Iniesta added: "As for the octopus, what can I say? We won. The octopus will be very popular in Spain."

Fortune Teller


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