Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On The Third Day

Sigh...I woke up this morning early and went to shower, then I heard strange noise outside of the house. I went out, only to find out that my newly born dog (aged 2 months) were hit by the car, with stupid driver. My dog were at first, barking painfully along the road before fainted. Just after he lying on the ground, yet still breathing, I carry him and brought him home. There he blow his last breath and died. Horribly I thought, it was painful for him to died like 10 minutes after the accident. I pity him for not being able to stay home and bury him with respect, as i had to rush to Telekom. Oh my God, how I wish i can just not go to work, stay with this loyal puppy and be with him on his last moment..... huhu. My dad is the one who carry on the duty and I just don't think proper funeral will be his first option. You know what is my most regret other than left him died just like that? I haven't took any photos of him, I just came back from Kuching a week before and I haven't spend so much time with him. Louis, which is also one of the loyal dogs of the family were in rage of anger, as I can feel him chasing madly with temper, loudly barked on every car passing by the road. Animals do have emotion, although some people see them as just the way as they are.
This horribly incident happened on my THIRD day working as practical student at Telekom. I believe on the Third Day is a holy, like Jesus, which died and rise on the Third Day. I wish, full of hope, may my Dog spirits stays calm..although some people said that animal don't have spirits, but i do believe that they had.

On the third day working at Telekom Malaysia here in Karamunsing, I got the chance to handle the examination of their "Certificate of Expertise" on certain arena of communication working field. I got to experience this, as the staff here had faith on me. Thanks for that, I really appreciate this.
But even on the evening I still mourn for the sudden death of my dog...... how i wish i were there to stop the car from hitting him. Fuck you driver, I hope you died as the same way as you did to my dog.


cHa-LeN'89 said...

i know what it feels like to have dog who is hit by a car.... i cursed that person too..may God bless ur late dog...

ellesha said...

pity... if it happen 2 me, guess i'll throw a rock to dat car! btw, hye mon! :DD

Eamon said...

yeah.... i hope he get his lesson someday. Hi Shalvinder. haha