Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Labour Day

Hi there. Wohhoo.. This is my first update since the last time I put any words on my blog in somewhere between April 2009.. haha. That’s a year passed by... and I never bother to put any words.. Sounds boring.
Well, I can say that maybe I could try this again. hehe. So what are all the sudden I thought want to do some blogging?
First, I feel been inspired by reading other’s, so I say what’s the problem to give a shot? Secondly, I think I have flaw on writing, so maybe doing this could sharpen it.
I'm not going to update this blog very frequent, so if you wants to keep track on my blog you'll probably end up forget about it because there's nothing to be bother. Haha. but if there's anything worth to be shared, this is my platform and I’m sure you going to be one bull's eyes to the monitor.
So, in order to welcome myself aboard to the world of blogging, I simply going end up this simple introduction with a very interesting yet astonishing quote from a favourite person I admired on Glee show - "You think this is hard? Try living with Hepatatis B, now that's hard." Got the message? So stop complaining. =) And that how Eamon sees it. Hahaha.

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