Thursday, April 23, 2009

First Impression

17 December 2008

This is my journal.. Yup. I am new here, so it’s no wonder if anything here is lame. Who cares anyway? It is my opinions though. For the first topic to be shared, I choose Survivor series and other reality shows that put me on the nerves. What could possibly lead me into this situation? I thought that it’s really cool by the way, to be part of something reality in the air. I am not really fancy of becoming the next American Idol or “Akademi Fantasia” winner. Don’t wanna be one. Haha. I salute the product that anything came up from Mark’s Burnett production. The Amazing Race, The Apprentice and Survivor, all of these show worth billion of perfections whether you like it or not. (Off course you do).

I first watch the Survivor series when it was premier on NTV7, and that’s the first of all, Survivor: Borneo. Located in Pulau Tiga of Sabah, Malaysia, gives me a little bit of patriotism kind of feels knowing that, wow, someone from CBS do realize that my hometown states was worth to be the shows background. I live in Kota Kinabalu area, Penampang to be more exact. So obviously I am really keen to watch anything that comes out from a large company to do something about my states’ environment that ultimately linked to their multimillion project and such. Although I am only 11 of age at that time, it’s gives me a little bit of influences for me, and that already bloomed on me by the time I get to know exactly how the things worked out as I growing up.

Seriously, I am really hoping that someday I could be a part of the show. You know, call yourself as “Castaway”, living in exotic and wild environment for approximately of 39 days, playing with strategies so that you will not be voted-out from the tribe, fight for rewards that you actually don’t appreciate it when you are in daily situations of life, (rewarded with some soap and shampoo to clean yourself in the deep, dangerous, wild and unexpected jungle is somewhat good, don’t you think so?) What I really like about the show, is that you will be force to do the things that you could possibly don’t wanna do it in your entire life. I am cool with such things, and I wish I could give it a try to see how things work on me. If only I could. Hey, it’s worth to imagine. Haaha.

Another show that keeps me captive is The Amazing Race. I crossed my finger hoping that I will be competing on the show soon enough. And off course, the only hope for me is the Asian version. To be honest, the original one (USA version) is far more competitive and exciting than the Asian version. I watch the series of the original long before the Asian version being introduced. And after it was, it is like putting a candle in the centre of a blackout mansion that has been long abandon. Then things started to messing up with that tiny little light, as I realize it is never been “a race around the world” and it seems that your opportunity to join the race will be like a needle suddenly popping out from the haystack if you are not celebrity! Get the hell outta here dude, not celebrity, no race “around the world”. God I am so pissed off with that AXN. Personally, I think Allan Wu is not suitable for the show. He is really, how-do-you-say-the-words-correctly type of person. Around the globe? Come on, racing from Thailand to Vietnam, from Vietnam to Hong Kong, from Hong Kong to Taiwan, and then India, and Oman then going back to Thailand? I mean guys, have you ever learn the geography? At least you understand that the earth are consist of 8 continents throughout the surfaces, and that is Asia, Africa, Europe, Ocenia, North Pole, South Pole, North America and South America. And it is not includes the sub continents which include the Middle East, Central America and South-East Asia. If you accidentally read this post dear producer, you better learn something more from Bertnam Van Munster.

Well, I’m off for now.

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